Daphne Translator

Langauge resouce editor for keeping up-to-date resources and helper tool for langauge translators.

This project was created as a helper project for localization resource of Daphne checkers software http://daphne.codeplex.com.
It can be used by other developers to do translations of resources. Daphne Translator is done to be extensible by any resource type of localized texts.

For now, there is a verion of Daphne translator supporting needs of the Daphne project. Currently Daphne Translator supports only XML resouce format of texts used by Tomers WPF localizing library given here: http://blogs.microsoft.co.il/blogs/tomershamam/archive/2007/10/30/wpf-localization-on-the-fly-language-selection.aspx

One of the key flaws of the current primary version is, it supports only one file per culture.

Future version development

  • Support of more files per culture
  • Export and import of language text to various Excel formats
  • Support of more resource types. Primarily:
    • ASP.NET Web Form Resource files
    • Windows Forms Resource files
    • MONO Resource files
    • WPF Resource files
  • Generating resource files out of C# code. This includes:
    • Generating texts out of direct .cs files
    • Generating texts out of ASPX and ASCS files to support ASP.NET applications.

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