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Daphne Translator

Langauge resouce editor for keeping up-to-date resources and helper tool for langauge translators.

This project was created as a helper project for localization resource of Daphne checkers software
It can be used by other developers to do translations of resources. Daphne Translator is done to be extensible by any resource type of localized texts.

For now, there is a verion of Daphne translator supporting needs of the Daphne project. Currently Daphne Translator supports only XML resouce format of texts used by Tomers WPF localizing library given here:

One of the key flaws of the current primary version is, it supports only one file per culture.

Future version development

  • Support of more files per culture
  • Export and import of language text to various Excel formats
  • Support of more resource types. Primarily:
    • ASP.NET Web Form Resource files
    • Windows Forms Resource files
    • MONO Resource files
    • WPF Resource files
  • Generating resource files out of C# code. This includes:
    • Generating texts out of direct .cs files
    • Generating texts out of ASPX and ASCS files to support ASP.NET applications.

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